Flavours of Spring

Duration: 3 hours

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There is no charge for a child under 3 not participating in the food tour. No-shows are strictly non-refundable. The tours run rain or shine. Please read our Terms & Conditions for information on cancellations or amendments.

Join us this ‘primavera’ on our Flavours of Spring food tour and sample some of the dishes so loved by locals.

  • Sample seasonal dishes.
  • Mouth-watering dishes prepared straight from the heart.
  • Taste some of the favourites; pasta with fave (fava) beans, local broccoli rabe with Italian sausage, grilled artichokes and much much more.

Flavours of Spring tour is available from April 1st to May 1st 2019 only.

Make memories, feel free to take pictures on our tour!

Tours run rain or shine.

Children are welcome on this tour.

All tours run promptly.

What to Expect

The secret of Italian food lies in its local and more importantly, seasonal ingredients. As Sorrento bursts in to bloom with beautiful ripe lemons, fluffy wild fennel and peach blossoms, hearty pastas and warming root vegetables are relegated to the ‘back burner’ to make room for the refreshing fare of ‘primavera’(spring).

Delicate spring flavours enhance mouth-watering dishes prepared straight from the heart. Such favourites as pasta with fave (fava) beans, local broccoli rabe with Italian sausage and grilled artichokes drizzled in olive oil and garlic, abound, while the sweetness of the freshest strawberries take centre stage in artistic desserts from heavenly tartlets to traditional gelato.

With the onset of ‘Pasqua’ (Easter)and joyous celebration throughout Italy, scrumptious delights associated with this beloved holiday are always quick to appear on springtime menus. In Campania, two such dishes specifically prepared for the occasion include sweet ‘Pastiera Napoletana’ and the savoury rustic,‘Casatiello Napolitano’.

To experience the true essence of Italian cuisine at any time of the year is to sample its seasonal dishes. Join us this ‘primavera’ on our Flavours of Spring food tour and sample some of the dishes so loved by locals.
A gastronomic tour of Sorrento’s most authentic eateries with the girls in the know.

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