When 'Gourmet Girls' launched in 2018, our main goal was not only to share our vast knowledge of the kinds of food indigenous to this amazing region, but also something of the local culture that revolves around it. Our vision was not simply to offer a generic food tour. We genuinely set out to ensure our guests should experience something of Italy's cultural heritage and national identity that brings friends and families together–sitting around the dinner table.

We envisioned lingering over selections of foods while chatting with our guests in a relaxed, personal setting–just as families here in Sorrento do. What you can expect on a Gourmet Girls tour is to experience, first hand, the diversity of the kinds of foods the locals love to eat. You will be immersed within that authentic Italian culinary setting you've always imagined, while taking in invaluable information–such as how time-honoured dishes translate into modern food culture.

Passionate - well-travelled and somewhat amusing (or so we think) foodies.